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storm747 started this conversation

cLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND REGISTER FOR A FREE CAR, This is a great car if you are in need of a car or maybe repairs, they will help with certain repairs. Check them out and I hope to see you as a winner soon.

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sonshinesas   in reply to shalo
Lots of resource info here but no luck finding help with cars or water bills.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to shalo
Don't know any resources that helps with a car sorry
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woman in a shoe   in reply to shalo
Storm not been on here for years now
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I was disgnosised with lupus in 2006 and had to stop working my full time job and have reasonally had to get custody of my 2 year old grandson the car I was driving 2002 pontiac aztek i have exhaulted all my money trying to keep it running so would have a way to doctor appointments I need a motor for but its so old I can't afford all the repairs that is needed please help
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Al_Mufti   in reply to Al_Mufti
Happy waiting, waiting trisno jalaran soko kulino.
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Al_Mufti   in reply to edwin chango
patience and luck may find yr way .. GL.
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Al_Mufti   in reply to Al_Mufti
Wonder where the storm goes ...
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Al_Mufti   in reply to missjanie
however, it is a car to help someone like me, not sum cash, right ?
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I wished I lived in amrik, does not stop my wonder to own one single used charited vehc. Pray for me if you cannot afford to give away
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edwin chango   in reply to edwin chango
Just need a car for me and my brother thats blind and mother whose 80 years old just to take them to there appointments and food shopping thanks if u could help us thanks
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edwin chango
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missjanie   in reply to bandaim
Sorry but storm hasn't been on here in years. There is no cash available on this site sorry. But wish you luck
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this is a good thing to do to the peoples out a father who is unemployed at the moment iam suffering from getting money.if i can a 8ton truck i can really make sum money by buying vegs and fruits sellingto the puplic.please help.god bless u guys
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woman in a shoe   in reply to racardo johnsts
Storm747 hasn't been on here in years
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racardo johnsts
Need. A. Car. Will trade. Labor for. Car. Hope. For. Older. Lady. Need. Some. Handy. Work. Around. Home no. Ac. Or electrical. Single. Dad. Three. Children. Need help. Will. Help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to iwan2cum4you
I am sorry but storm747 hasn't been on in for a few years now. But there no car to be given away on here people on here homeless no food not able to pay rent lights gas and a few other thing sorry
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i need a car
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Hi i'am in need of a car, my husband left me and my 14 yr old daughter and took the only means of transportation we had. I have no way to get her to school, doctor's appointments and food shopping. I have a very bad heart condition that requires me to have a pacemaker so now i have no way to the heart doctors or to get out and get my meds.
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Poppyday13   in reply to Ms L
Google They help with free wheelchair suitable vehicles for any child OR ADULT if you know anybody that needs one.
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Ms L
Hi, I need a handicap acceptable vehicle for my great grand son he is wheelchair bound , I am his legal guardian is not working and living on fix income cannot afford to buy one.
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