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storm747 started this conversation

cLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND REGISTER FOR A FREE CAR, This is a great car if you are in need of a car or maybe repairs, they will help with certain repairs. Check them out and I hope to see you as a winner soon.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to racardo johnsts
Storm747 hasn't been on here in years
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racardo johnsts
Need. A. Car. Will trade. Labor for. Car. Hope. For. Older. Lady. Need. Some. Handy. Work. Around. Home no. Ac. Or electrical. Single. Dad. Three. Children. Need help. Will. Help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to iwan2cum4you
I am sorry but storm747 hasn't been on in for a few years now. But there no car to be given away on here people on here homeless no food not able to pay rent lights gas and a few other thing sorry
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i need a car
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Hi i'am in need of a car, my husband left me and my 14 yr old daughter and took the only means of transportation we had. I have no way to get her to school, doctor's appointments and food shopping. I have a very bad heart condition that requires me to have a pacemaker so now i have no way to the heart doctors or to get out and get my meds.
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Poppyday13   in reply to Ms L
Google They help with free wheelchair suitable vehicles for any child OR ADULT if you know anybody that needs one.
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Ms L
Hi, I need a handicap acceptable vehicle for my great grand son he is wheelchair bound , I am his legal guardian is not working and living on fix income cannot afford to buy one.
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Hi I really need a car I have Lupus an I have to have several operationsi worked for thirty years at the same job an also raised 4 children on my on I lost my worker comp so I now live on enough
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I have a friend that needs the car his 1993 car broke down he has two daughters one daughter had two brain surgeries he needs to get a car so he can get his daughter from Colorado Springs to Denver Colorado is anyone out there has a good heart please help he has hospital bills and everything else and his job he works don't pay him that much washing dishes anyone can help out there please please god bless you
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I need a car or van or truck to get me to the doctors office and to get to other places as well I am disability and having a hard time go places.I can only walk a 1/2 block.some times I can not even walk that there help for me.I am 56 years old,and have joint pain in all my joints.and pain in my lower back.I had to retire at 52 years old,because of the pain in my joints and in my lower if any one can help me.
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Rosemarie Oliva
Hi I'm a single parent of two kids & I never had a car of my own. I'm currently looking for a job I hope the cook out hires me. & cant afford a car right now. how do you win a free car?
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Im a single parent of one my daughter is 8 years old I am need a car so bad I have tried to get a car but because of that Im on disability I need a co-signer can you help!!???? i have only so much money every month. I have to go to the doctors a lot and so does my child. We have put so much aside of the fact not having a car!! PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!
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I need dis car because of my health and my handicapp brother who i take care of and also my three grands i have it's so hard for me to do things with them and myself cbecause i don't have trasportation and i don't have money to pay anyone cause im fix on one income. Thank you!
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flavour   in reply to Lizyluv
Hi im struglng wth my mom and dad every time and we walk a long distance everyday to town please help.
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Hi Im a struggling parent who has been carless for years and years relying on others to help transport me and my kids everywhere , I would be so greatful if I was givin the chance to receive a vehicle , I have always been a hard worker and deserve some blessings & luck in my life , please keep me in mind thank you and god bless
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Hi I am a separated mom of a 10 year old and pregnant with my 2nd child. I am in desperate need of a car so we don't have to keep walking or taking bus everywhere. I had a car but it was repossessed and I lost my job. I lost my apartment and im now living in a room with my son. Im thankful to God that I have a room over my head and my sons. There aretimes that I will not eat just so he can eat. My sons father does not care about my situation as long as he is driving around in his Mercedes and has his apartment. Please help im struggling and need all the hekp i can get.
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sister barbara
hello, my name is barbara, i need a car to get to church and preach the good news about Jesus Christ, i have been with out a car for 20 years, it time, if you can help
i really appreciate it, God Bless you. he will reward you.
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my mom can not afford to get me and my twin a car and our 22nd birthday is thursday please give us cars
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Hello my dad died and im losing my home just got a job offer and my car died ive been having some really bad luck!! Ive been praying about it please can someone help me with a car? ..thank u
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